The game is simple but challenging, you have to navigate your way through the RPG-like menu to cast spells and repel the goblins invading your castle.

Your wizard can cast spells, heal, and meditate.

When you run out of mana, you will automatically be brought back to the main menu so you can meditate to regain your mana. Use this mana to heal yourself or to cast spells to kill the enemy goblins.

The green bar on your left represents your health and the blue bar represents your mana.

The only controls are left arrow key, right arrow key, and E.

Spam the spells and try to kill as many goblins as possible!

Spell 1 - Flame (Close Range)

Spell 2 - Crystal (Mid to Long Range)

Spell 3 - Meteor (Long Range)


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Awesome job on your first HTML5 export!

I recorded gameplay and my impressions for Pumpkin's Task, Surf's Up, and WIZ!

Nice work with your third itch game!

Same critiques with the window game options as we discussed on Discord and I posted on your other two games, I won't repeat anymore haha!

I strongly recommend to never ask a player to press two buttons simultaneously (meaning they're pressed from up to down at the same exact frame), especially for a settings feature, which should always be the most accessible part of your game. You can make them hold two buttons at the same time, or hold one button and press another, but asking the player to press two buttons at the exact same frame is really tough. I don't understand why it was done here for the resolution changes, just pressing left or right would have been better. The obvious solution to me is just to make right cycle up through the list of screen resolutions, left cycles down, circularly wrapping either way. And having the game options set we talked about removes the need for this feature entirely, though I do honestly really like how all your games start with a change resolution feature, it's very neat and nice.

As for the gameplay, I really feel like it would be better as a turn-based game, more strategy focused. Here it's literally just how fast you can button-mash for every move, just mash to heal or regen mana, which isn't great. Button mashing makes your games much less accessible, hurting older players, people who have physical injuries, etc. on their hands, people with arthritis, or people with carpal tunnel (like me!). And there's usually not a reason for it, you can almost always just make whatever you were requiring to button mash a button hold feature which is accessible to everyone.

But even with quick button presses (which I can and do do but it just hurts afterwards) the game still feels super hard, they all rush you at once in huge groups. Try scaling the difficulty a bit more over time, start with less enemies, then add and mix more as the player's points pass certain numeric thresholds.

Also, once you select Spells you can't back out of it (as far as I can tell) which feels really bad, I'd like to go back and manage my mana/health in-between spells, before I deplete all my mana, but I can't seem to do that.

I know I'm a harsh critic, but that's just because I want everyone to keep going and improve! I'm so happy you've started making games, I look forward to seeing your progress! Great work :)