A downloadable game

A fun surf style infinite runner prototype. Just made it for fun over the course of a few days.

- Use A and D in the air to do some moves.

- The surfer follows your mouse cursor 

It's a prototype so there are some loose ends HAHA such as infinite HP.

Install instructions

extract and run


Surf's Up.zip 44 MB


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I recorded gameplay and my impressions for Pumpkin's Task, Surf's Up, and WIZ!

Nice job :)

I have the same game options critiques as before (needs custom window title, custom icon, close on Escape, toggle fullscreen, etc.), but I'm sure you get the message regarding that haha!

The game is very visually loud and messy, it's a lot going on. And when your game uses the mouse cursor, like here where the player follows the mouse, always make sure the mouse cursor is visible or else it becomes much harder to control. You may try a different mouse cursor set with the window_set_cursor function, or use a custom mouse cursor that's an object that just snaps to the mouse every frame, but always make sure that's visible. This game really suffers because I can't really see I'm going without the mouse.

Otherwise it's just very clearly a prototype. It honestly seems like you did a lot for this based on all the stuff on-screen at once, different objects and terrain, but it's so much and so cluttered that it kind of loses its impact. If you start out slow, just plain empty water, and introduce each new mechanic one at a time, I think you'll have a lot more success.

I'll also note that, if you can, always export your games for HTML5 / WebGL for itch.io. People don't really want to download games, it's extra hassle, it feels less safe, it takes more time, sometimes it can be really annoying with non-standard zip file types, etc., and so HTML5 games that you can play in-browser have a lot more success. I swear, you literally get like 50x the plays when you have a web version, at least in my experience and from the anecdotal experience of some of my friends. But, I know you're currently using the Creator version of GMS2, yes? I know the cost can be prohibitive for some people starting out, but I really recommend upgrading to a full version as soon as you can. Then the yearly fee of $39 becomes a one-time fee of $99 for Desktop (with 30% off if you start with Creator edition) you never have to pay again. The HTML5 package is a bit more expensive if I recall, but also is just a one-time purchase and then you can export with it forever. I know I'm coming off as a bit of a shill now, but I just really love and swear by GMS2 now, it's a great product, and I love to see new people join the community, but I digress.

Awesome job with the game making, keep it up!