Jíbaro [pronounced "HEE-bah-ro"] is the word used in Puerto Rico to refer to the countryside people who farm the land in a traditional way. The Jíbaro is a self-subsistence farmer, and an iconic reflection of the Puerto Rican people.

Jíbaro is a micro-management RTS game set in the mountains of Puerto Rico in the early 1500s. A poor farmer with only his guitar, you are toiling away at the Earth in hopes of surviving and raising your animals. Life is difficult and at times you will be given the choice to sell your livestock or eat them to stay alive.


How to play:

- You can select each animal to control with your left mouse button, when they are highlighted you can right click anywhere on the screen to move that animal to that location.

- You can hold down the left mouse button and drag to group up animals.

- B is your buy menu, you can use it to purchase animals with your money. In order to sell or eat your livestock, select the individual live stock and press [B]uy and you will have an option to do so.

-Space bar will prompt the Jíbaro to play a random mix of 3 songs.

-Hyenas will occasionally attack your flock, you can easily shoo them away with the mouse cursor.

Animals will age and grow from calf to cow, pig to piglet, chick to chicken. They need to be tended to with food and water or they will die. Chicks need to be in the hen house(red), pigs(pink) need the pig pen, and cows need grass to graze(green). The water source nearby will make your animals less thirsty.


Theme: Dying Is Awarded

In the late 1960s, two Spanish guitarists formed a duo to make music in the vibrant hills of Puerto Rico. They had become known on the island for their music and especially for their technique in strumming the guitar with a shot glass in the bars of the island. During this time time there was a great political distress in Puerto Rico but these two artists still had the will to create and make meaningful music.  The songs featured in this game are sung by Tonín Ortiz and the guitarist is my grandfather, Efrain Santiago.

Although my grandfather passed away in 1994, his name and his music will continue to live on in my creations to be presented to an audience worldwide.

Created by:

Johnny Wu (Artist)

Marlon Gonzalez (Programmer)


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Here's my gameplay critique of Jíbaro!

I really liked this game, although the core gameplay was not clear, identified in neither the game itself through a tutorial or the game description; I had to read some comments below to discover that the B menu was used to sell and eat livestock. Once I learned that, the game was very easy, I confidently felt like I could not lose earning infinite money while staying completely full and satisfied.

The gameplay itself is very light and minimal, but it's very relaxing and still fun in its simplicity. I did not intend to play this long, but the game absolutely made me zone out and just keep farming away. Very good atmosphere and theming. Without an end goal, a score, or the threat of losing, it doesn't really have any reason to play beyond that it's a nice atomosphere and experience that sucks you in farming the livestock, however I don't think this translates into much replay value.

The music was lovely, and the technicals of this project are very impressive. The completely functional RTS movement and selection system was excellent. The grass for the cattle bugged out, but otherwise I did not notice any bugs, and just having an RTS of any kind in a game jam is impressive.

Wonderful work.

Great atomsphere and music. But I didn't find anyway to sell or eat a stock? 

I see, thank you for your feedback Valia. In order to get the option to sell or eat stock, you have to select an animal and then press the Buy menu. I appreciate your kind words, I aspire to work hard like everyone else here :) Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply, let me try it out now. :D

I really like the theme and feel of the game. Like the others said it's relaxing to chill out and enjoy the music. I think interaction with the chickens and pigs could be a little more involved but overall I liked it.

Nice and relaxing game with great music!

Respect! The life of your grandpa has been continued in your hand.

I love the music and the general vibe! So nice to see some really cool history highlighted with  fun, relaxing gameplay.

Thank you celira it was fun trying to achieve that balance!

I amassed a several hundred chicken singularity, now what? :P

Pretty cool! I love the history you've got behind this game. The RTS style controls are pretty well done.

You may want to dial back the highlight effect for mass amounts of critters. It would also be good to have a sell all option -- it was kind of painful having to try and sell each chicken one by one, because it closes the sell menu when you sell.

You can also highlight your chickens and move them around once you're dead.


Hey thoof thanks so much for playing, loved your game. You're right selling is sorta frustrating because of the GUI, I'm still learning programming and had some problems with those buttons. The game is untested so its unbalanced really, its funny to think players will end up with 200 to 300 chickens since chicks do cost 1$ LOL...